who we are and why join?

The RNRMY presented by Roast N' Review is a well established Social Community involved in a wide variety of music who strive to build a social environment that embraces honesty, loyalty, and camaraderie above all else. For over a year now, we have established a great name at Roast N' Review. We strive to provide quality and transparency to our members, and look forward to ensuring everyone has a voice in the direction of the community.

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Enjoy a 10% off coupon with unlimited use to our growing shop and merch.

Weekly giveaways for the RNRMY come with the membership.

Find out what's happening with Roast N Review before anyone else.

Have the chance to get recognized even more in the community.

how to join the RNRMY

Quick Process -No Interviews
The process of joining our community is a simple one with no interviews required. 
While our age requirement is 17+, we do allow younger members with parental consent.

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