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Tyra Gordon (born September 13, 2000 ), known by her stage name

Tyra Mone’e, is a rising star on the R&B scene. She was born and

raised in East Texas and is one of six children. All of Tyra’s music is

original and written by her. She began writing songs very young and singing songs even younger in church. Currently, Tyra is in her last

year of high school and has rose to the top in Choir competitions.

Music has always been a common part of her upbringing. In fact, her

mother, who is a phenomenal Southern Soul/Blues singer, has been a

musical mentor and guide to her. She identifies with the style of award-winning R&B artist,H.E.R.

Music is a tool that Ms. Mone’e uses to navigate through life. Using this tool along with wisdom,

beyond her years, can be heard and felt in her songs.

At the young age of 18, she has released her first single and it has taken off like a rocket. Her vocal

sound gives a sense of soft, delicate and feminine vulnerability that captures the listeners attention

and takes them on a melodic journey. The very first full length album is set to release on January 1, 2019

Tyra Mone'e

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