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What’s good Roast n Review fam. This is HeavyMetal Trvp. Just like my name you can expect nothing less. The mix of the two genres is an complete accurate summary of my music. The style itself is very Melodic, Energetic, Edgy and VERY creative. Along with being an artist i also produce. I hope you guys enjoy the content and become supporters on this journey I started. Everyday i’m learning more and more about myself as I continue on this path. My end goal is to show others you can literally do whatever you want to do in this world. Which I will accomplish. Thanks to all my supporters once again it’s HMT and im out.

If you haven’t already check out my single “Fry” produced by myself . also available on all streaming platforms!!!

Instagram: @Heavymetal_trvp

Facebook: Cheff Trvp or Heavymetal Trvp

for bookings, features, or beats please contact me on instagram

HeavyMetal Trvp
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