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Don Drastick is a hip-hop artist from Racine, WI, loacted between Milwaukee and Chicago, and is the founder of the record label Unknown Entertainment. Don started rapping in 2011 while in the Racine County Jail. He heard others in his pod rapping, and having been a gifted writer from a young age(had his first poems published at age 16) he knew he could be better than those around him, on top of having the background and life experience to share through his music. He wrote his first 16, and hasn’t looked back ever since. Having had an extensive battle with the justice system, it was this time, 2 prison sentences and several stints in the county jail, that he worked on mastering his craft, showing that there is a silver lining even in the darkest of circumstances. He would write every single day, and throughout the course of his incarceration wrote hundreds of tracks. Music was the one sole bright spot at this point of his life, offering the glimmer of hope in which he clung to while incarcerated. He would spend countless hours, every single day, for years on end, working. From writing new material; performing for and collaborating with fellow inmates; reading and expanding his knowledge on the music industry, be it intellectual property, branding and marketing, starting a record label, to the legalities of the music industry, to studying contracts, to guerilla marketing techniques. He wanted to learn as much as he could to be as prepared as he possibly could be upon his release. He wanted to make sure his time wasn’t for nothing, that he was able to use that time preparing, working, getting ready. In September 2015, Don Drastick was released from Fox Lake Correctional Institution. He linked up with Lil Foreign PG and Yung Pharaoh, both of whom he had met in the county jail, and they began recording and performing music throughout Milwaukee, performing at various night clubs and strip clubs throughout Milwaukee. The trio went their seperate ways, as Lil Foreign PG is currently awaiting trial in several counties on a string of armed robbery charges, and Yung Pharaoh is currently incarcerated as well. Don Drastick decided the goal had not changed, even if the execution had. In 2018 he founded Unknown Entertainment as a legitimate record label, and has been hard at work ever since, putting together his debut EP, The Don’s List, set for release in February 2019. His first single, Snare Drum, is available across all platforms. There are several singles set for release prior to the EP, so be sure to watch out for Sadiddy by DG ”Define Greatness” ft. Don Drastick, and Drippin by Don D ft. DG and Alpha Quinn. Make sure to follow Don Drastick across social media to stay up to date on what’s going on, from new music, to show dates and ticket info, to promotion and merchandizing. In the past 2 months, Don D has: had a glowing review on, recently performed in the Coast 2 Coast Live competition

, had a song included on Fix Ya Face Stupid Vol. 17 hosted by DJ Rell and DJ StopNGo featuring artists such as Gucci Mane, Trippie Redd, and Jucee Froot, in addition to being interviewed on the podcast The Aiden Feron Show. He is off to a fast start, and there is plenty more on the way from this up and coming lyricist. Claiming to be a ”Hustler By Nature” his hustle is fully evident in the short amount of time he has been pushing. He has an identifiable sound, lyrics that are rare in today’s industry, and a diverse range, speaking on a wide array of subjects. Remember the name Don Drastick, as you are surely going to come to know the name.


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