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Milwaukee based singer-songwriter-rapper Brenden Lee has an extraordinary way of cutting straight through to the core of his listeners’ emotions. With a passion for songwriting running through his veins from an early age, Lee's lyrics and sparkling melodies expose a truly sensitive artist whose soul-shattering vocals have the power to provoke a profound response.” He definitely has is "own sound" a slow and pronounced flow with harmony and melody. Growing up listening to three six mafia and project pat his style sounds very similar to them with his dark beats and use of short blunt word tracks . He has a wide range from trap music sounds all the way to more sensitive subject such as battling and overcoming drug addiction. Growing in southern Illinois he also shows signs of the Midwest pop and bop sounds . "Extra facts about Brenden lee he was drafted by the San Diego padres as a catcher out of high school . He also was a golden gloves champion at age 16. And served in the united states army as a infantry solider.

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