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The CyberBullys are a band of misfits emo artists that hail from Toronto Canada, whose unique sound and production not only deal with day to day life as artists on the come up, but clearly embody the northern hip hop power house that can no longer be ignored(Drake,Theweeknd, Partynextdoor etc.). The group consists of 2 unique vocalists named Johnny Darko & Jake Bluez. Both have these men have spent their lives hoaning their skills and are sharper then they have ever been. Whether its singing rapping or anything between, to say the very least these two emcees flows and energy are more than complimentary to one another. In addition to these two we have the icing on the cake which would be their producer/dj Cream, who is definitely the glue of the operation and only continues to impress as he grows. Make my words he will be producing for the best in the future. So long store short we are a three man group ouf of Toronto, we have 3 group releases under our belts plus plenty of solo material of our own. Hope y'all messin with us.

Cyber Bullyz
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