Did Ryan Upchurch Dodge A Bullet?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

WATCH BELOW: Ryan Upchurch exposing Big Machine Label Group!

No label means no commitment, and this doesn’t only apply to the ‘friend’ you’ve been hanging out with at the park during late hours. 

In recent times, we have seen immense growth in independent artists dubbing labels, categorizing them as incredible and faulty. Drake, Young Dolph, Ryan Upchurch, and several other music icons have been growing on an independent scale for good reason, and here’s why.

If you folks haven’t heard yet, Scott Borchetta, the former owner of Big Machine Label Group, sold his company to the big time artist-manager Scooter Braun, who manages S-class stars like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

Why does that matter?

Taylor Swift and her work are “owned” by Big Machine Label Group, that includes the masters to each of her singles or albums since the release of her single “Teardrops on My Guitar” in 2006; thirteen years of music is a massive bump in the industry. Scott Borchetta blatantly sold her music to Scooter Braun without her knowledge, leaving Braun with full ownership of the masters to Taylor Swift's music.

For those who proclaim she already knew, here’s some insight:

Borchetta texted Swift and her management company not even 24 hours prior to the sale, which in music industry terms is no time at all.

For a clearer understanding, it’s like if you were in middle school and the class before you tells you that there’s a pop quiz on 3 chapters of a book. Who in their right mind is could study and memorize 3 chapters in 45 minutes?

Regardless, let’s get to slurpin’ on the juicy details.

Big Machine Label Group actually touched down close to home and wanted to secure our beloved Ryan Upchurch from Nashville, Tennessee as an artist through a label contract, which thankfully for him, he didn't. Even with several verbal promises as far as money, fame, and a path towards financial fulfillment, Upchurch knew better not to take the deal, for obvious reasons.

For the longest time, Upchurch has consistently warned not only the country-rap community, yet all aspiring artists of the toxicity that labels implement in the creativity and joy that comes with music. To put it simply, signing with a label is comparable to selling your soul.

Not to discredit Jelly Roll by any means, but we can even use his story as an example. Since being signed to a label, Jelly Roll has faced numerous restrictions as far as releasing music.

“So I thought… How can I fight back the system? How can I give a good f**k you to the system?” - Jelly Roll April 11, 2019, on Roast N Review.

Around mid-April of 2019, Jelly Roll had appeared on the Roast N Review show and announced the release of his two albums 'Whiskey Session's 2' and 'Crosses and Crossroads.' There is absolutely no reason to work twice as hard, promote twice as much music, and spend twice as much money unless you are chained by the golden handcuffs of a label.

To all new artists who strive for true success, take this as an example:

You can even be Taylor Swift with 119,000,000 followers on Instagram and establish a name so prominent that when mentioned it is instantly recognized, yet the minute you sign to a label you become nothing but a number, big or small.

The path to success isn't easy, don't take the label's 'easy way in.' 

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