Struggle Jennings is a story teller, you should listen

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

You heard it here first: If his or her last name is Jennings, their music is about as FIRED-UP as Jussie Smollett's employee status on ‘Empire.’

Now, by ‘fired-up’ I really mean music that can move a person like the moon moves waves. Music that [Will] allow us to take the emotions we bottle up, and [Harness] them into positive energy we need. This is because Struggle Jennings has been through #TheStruggle.

Struggle is definitely one of the most authentic artists out there, and he has the battle scars to prove it. From his older music such as his ‘I Am Struggle’ EP to his newest album ‘The Widow’s Son,’ you can tell how familiar he is with life's pain.

And because of the experience Struggle Jennings holds and the man he has become, he definitely deserves a spot on the #RealOnes list.

Let me explain: I don’t want to put the spotlight on Struggle's past, but this man literally arose from the ashes of a troubled childhood.

He grew up without a father, which ultimately led to tragic situations and usually in cases like this, you lose the sense of what really matters and begin move in harmful ways. Because of this, Struggle Jennings had spent some time in prison.

Unlike many people, Struggle openly discusses his time in prison and how it shaped the strong character that he is today.

He states that while he reflected upon his past during his time in prison, Struggle caught onto the pattern of the 'broken-home' effect that cycled through his past generations, and then took a turn to halt that cycle for the sake of his children.

“I’m doing all the usual things you do when you’re in prison… and I found out my kids are going into state custody. My kids had nobody… but people like Jelly Roll were a prominent support for my kids.”

Struggle patiently grew out of the cracked shell he was provided in life, and decided to craft his own newer, healthier shell for the sake of his children. Regardless of the numerous life-altering issues he was informed of and the rigorous schedule and danger of prison, his main motivation to better himself was (and still is) his children.

Years later, Jennings is now on a whole different path of positivity and music. His new LP 'The Widow's Son' is full of wisdom and FIRE, and y'all HAVE to check it out. (I really like Wild Eyes).

I want to congratulate Struggle for the strength he had to pursue his music-career. Your fans, friends, and ultimately, your family and kids have watched you grow and develop into a firm, sturdy father and artist and we could never be more proud.

From your work with Yelawolf, to your grandfather, Waylon Jennings, and your wonderful daughter, Brianna Harness, you touch our hearts with the realness in your work. The entire Roast N’ Review team and I applaud you for explaining the world in its worst and showing us the way to heal from it, and we hope to hear more of your unique, heartfelt music.

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