Updated: Feb 22, 2019

We’ve seen it before and no doubt we will see it again. In the recent coming of media and flash, artists are losing their bling on a more frequent scale. DJ Whoo Kid briefly talks about this topic on Roast N Review and discussed some oddly whimsical news on his experience of “stash flash and dash.” Now, we all know Shaq. The bubbly, fun, jolly basketball player with a fetish for breaking backboards, however, you would never expect him to be the prime suspect in stealing a chain. Well, he did, but not really.

This is how the story goes: Whoo Kid and Shaq were both indulging in some quality liquor in a pretty active party to say the least. How faded does a person have to be to let Shaquille O’neal convince you into taking off a diamond chain at a party?

Pretty faded is our guess. Anyways, Whoo Kid essentially went with it and off went the chain. He gave it to Shaq and then the party continued! Dancing, drinking, laughing; that all kind of makes you forget you’re wearing a multi-ten-thousand dollar chain. It also makes you forget that you let a famous basketball player wear your multi-ten-thousand dollar chain. Again, pretty faded. So the party comes to an end, and as much fun as Shaq had, he had to leave. To break a backboard or get some grub we will never know, but that doesn’t dismiss the key fact that he still had DJ Whoo Kid’s chain on. Whoo Kid forgot about the whole chain incident too. It only took him a few days and a plane trip outside Orlando to remember that he released his chain into the wild. Flashbacks of the party came back and then *BAM*, Shaq. Whoo Kid had to fly back to Orlando to obtain his chain back from Shaq. And yes, they had a huge laugh about it. This laugh had erupted into an almost instant bromance and the guys have been friends ever since.

But this didn’t end at just a friendship! Nuh uh it didn’t. They both work together now!

With Shaq and DJ Whoo Kid as producers for the new upcoming music review show, Roast N Review on ShaqFu radio, the pals and partners plan to make history by revolutionizing the music industry.

Look out for the pair in 2019!

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