Ryan Upchurch made Country Rap Relevant?

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

With artists such as Ryan Upchurch and Adam Calhoun literally massacring instrumentals and diversifying hip-hop culture, it’s no surprise that country-rap is creeping its way towards mainstream media. 

Each genre has its path-maker, and Upchurch has been slinging dirt left and right as he paves the path for several other aspiring artists like Big Murph, Big Po and Who TF is Justin Time. 

Nonetheless, let me take y’all back to the boons of Pegram, Tennessee, AKA, Ryan Upchurch’s hometown.

Upchurch grew on a farm, just like any other redneck with an attitude. His favorite things to do are smoke pot, smoke pot again, clown on incompetent people through funny videos with his friends (mainly Adam Calhoun), smoke pot, and lastly, just do bad-ass country stuff. 

Believe it or not, the legend in the making hadn’t anticipated on a music career, as he made his way towards fame through his comedic material. With time, his name began to hold weight in the country community, and what better way to express your country side than through music... besides beer pong. 

In May of 2015, Upchurch had released the EP ‘Cheatham County,’ which to his surprise soared to the number 29 spot in country album chart. Mind y’all, this is four years ago.

However, his most recent album, ‘River Rat,’ has been blowing everyone’s mind. With a 100% positive review on Google, River Rat is sure to be considered one of the hottest country-rap albums of 2018.

He doesn’t just rap, though. The man has a voice of a redneck angel. 

You can genuinely feel the pain, experience, growth and happiness in his voice, because when Upchurch sings, he sings his soul out.

For a man with an old soul with an even newer world, Upchurch feels more at home when he covers some good ‘ol classics on YouTube. From Alice in Chains, to Garth Brooks, to John Denver to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Upchurch’s covers have built up over 38 MILLION views.

Essentially, we ought to give the guy credit for solely developing his career and paving the way for newer music. I, and millions of his fans are excited to see what the country King, Mr. Ryan Edward Upchurch, has in stock for us in 2019. We are anticipating another album, but one can only hope. 

Shout out to the skill in the South!

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