Quavo Signs 14 Year-Old Artist "Street BUD"

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

If you folks haven’t heard yet, ya boy Quavo Huncho just signed a 14 year-old artist who goes by the name of “Street BUD,” real name, Jeremiah.

Quality Control (the label) takes credit for signing artists like Migos (Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset), Lil Baby, Lil Yacthy, etc..

Street BUD is the 3rd artist to be signed from North Carolina in 2019

Street BUD’s straight shot to fame all began when he won season four of the Lifetime reality T.V. show, 'The Rap Game,' in 2018. Now if my prediction comes true, I believe Street BUD will be on the rise of country-rap with other artists like Da Baby, Stunna4Vegas, and several other Hip-Hop artists who portray a lil’ southern ‘twang’ to their music. Now peep this: I’ve only listened to a couple songs by BUD, but I can definitely see a HUGE Quavo-like resemblance in BUD’s visuals, flow, melody, and overall character.

Quavo (left) and Street BUD (right) pose for the people!

Don’t believe me? Listen to Street BUD “So On” and y’all choose whether I’m on point or not.


North Carolina has been poppin’ recently, as Street BUD is the THIRD artist from N.C. that has been signed to a label in 2019 (to my knowledge). This 14 year-old prodigy has much to look forward to, as his industry years are expected to be long-lasting.

Shout out North Carolina for its culture and talent. Y’all are the new Atlanta!

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