Was the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Planned?

So, to start out, this is a little blog post I call ‘Hits Blunt Blogs,’ for obvious reasons. Even if you don’t smoke the devil’s lettuce, we all should dabble in the outside of this box we live in. Sit back, take a hit, and join the ride. Today’s topic: The Notre Dame Cathedral

About a week ago, the Notre Dame Cathedral had burned to ashes, leaving ancient artifacts, scrolls, and priceless books to the winds. Almost one thousand years of our history vanished, just like that. Within the last week, the world managed to surpass well over 1 BILLION dollars in donations; kudos to those who have donated! Next up, Flint, Michigan.

Anyway, I want to dive much deeper into this topic and ambush y’all with this very mysterious scenario. I wouldn’t have been so skeptical about this incident, until I read up on some pretty interesting details.

Regarding the Notre Dame incident, a French Judicial Police Official had stated something very odd. Investigators were brought on board to determine the cause of the cathedral collapse, but, they were not given access to the burnt cathedral.

Why? One of the most important parts of our world is now a permanent part of our past, everything burnt to the ground, so what purpose does it serve to hold back the investigators?

Maybe, a religious task was to be fulfilled prior to any investigating?

Maybe something was, ‘out of place,’ and needed to be put ‘in’ place? But, why would it be planned?

Little do many people know, behind the scenes of our world is a dark, planned future. Everything serves a purpose. So when an 800 year-old structure burns in flames, with little to no knowledge of the cause, one must open their eyes to the reality of the situation, and begin questioning and following factual logic.

This. Doesn’t. Make. Sense. Not convinced? Well consider this:

Members of the Notre Dame cathedral had hired professional teams (emphasis on professional) to restore the roof of the cathedral. Due to the 850-year old composition of the building, no electricity was allowed on top of the cathedral’s roof; old timber, plus electricity, equals fire.

“No electricity was allowed near the roof, because it was made in wood and as a matter of security, every inflammable thing was banned too. So, to have a fire there, someone needed to bring something.” - Geller Notes

In fact, the team had not even begun the replacement process, as they had only been setting up elaborate scaffolding. The roofing team had left their station at 6:00pm (50 minutes before the fire started) and shut off any and all fire hazards; they also removed all flammable objects. Is it a possibility that the fire had started from an incredibly slim chance of a human fault? Sure, absolutely. Is it also a possibility that the fire was planned for financial gain? Well, take a look at the outcome!

Donations pouring in by the hundreds of millions, world-wide shock (A.K.A, power), a brand new cathedral is on its way, and if you dig even deeper, the cathedral might not even need over one billion dollars in donations to fix the cathedral. So what do they do with the excess funding? Nonetheless, this is just my theory however. I am not a news-reporter, or an official, or a conspiracy theorist, yet I am similar to all. I am a thinker.

The situation is weird, and definitely fills my head unanswered questions. Hopefully, your mind can venture the same path of unanswered questions.

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