Merkules Takes Over Canada. Next Up, United States

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Merkules' performance at CJ's Night Club

It seems as if all the ‘Fire Emoji Only’ artists migrate from Canada to the United States, because ya’ boy Merkules (real name Cole Stevenson) is making his rise to the top, QUICK! His musical journey began at 16-years-old; an extremely young age for aspiring artists, but it only goes to show that hard work and persistence <(key word) are rewarded to those who pay their dues.

However, with the pros come the cons, and Merkules had suffered plenty due to his full-throttle grind. At 16 years old, Merkules had survived an aggravated assault as two men attacked him with a baseball-bat and machete, leaving him with permanent facial scarring; this inspired the release of his album ‘Scars.’ One decade and several steaming hot albums/singles/remixes later, Merkules developed a name for himself so intense, that his remix of the hit song ‘Old Town Road’ hit the official Worldstar instagram page and racked up over 4 MILLION views.

“Merkules is the type of rapper to rap for the love of rap. He doesn’t care about the stats or the numbers. He just blows everyone away.” - Carnage The God

Essentially, anyone who has observed the power in Merkules’ lyricism, flow, and his ability to merge country and hip-hop becomes overwhelmed.

Think of it this way:

Listening to Merkules’ music is like watching someone successfully mix water and motor oil together to make a 5th of Hennessy.

Let’s not get started on his above 9,000 confidence level. Regardless of the tubby-ness under his skin, Merkules prefers to perform shirtless, something many people struggle to do at a pool, including me.

Merkules doin' his thang with the tummy out!

Nonetheless, it’s great to see that real rap still plays a role in today’s music, and is slowly making its way back up the charts. With the help of true hip-hop/country-rap artists like Merkules and the constantly growing Roast N Review platform, the death of truth in music is due for revival.

If everything you just read flew straight over your head, be observe the madness one of his newest releases and also one of my favorite free styles out to date, Merkules - “Yellow Tape Freestyle.”

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