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The sound of melody and drum had filled the human ear with joy for as long as we knew rhythm. From orchestra, to jazz, to hip-hop and trap, music is boundless and teeming with different flavors. Music is an art form and because of that, it requires talent, an open-mind and a true motive.

However, there are MILLIONS of people with that skill set. In today’s day and age, music requires convincing, pinpoint marketing, and scientific based strategies to reach a satisfactory consumer-count. Here’s the crazy part: no one cares about your mix-tape giveaways anymore. With the rapid movement in the music industry, artists need to go all out to receive all out rewards. One of the most significant ways to soar to unexplored limits is through album release parties. Album release parties bring in an insane amount of organic traffic, consumers, publicity, album purchases, and all in all, just a really fun time.

Kanye West's Album Release Party

Yet, they’re so GOD DAMN EXPENSIVE! Album release parties break your wallet. To see any movement at all, one would need to spend at least $2,500.00 for a basic album release party, and this doesn’t cover the migraine in the morning. Fortunately, there’s a brand-new solution to this bank-busting problem. Thanks to the director and staff of the Roast N’ Review show on ShaqFu Radio, the music-industry will have a new, BOOMING approach to musical-promotion: DIGITAL ALBUM RELEASE PARTIES. YES! Stream your music LIVE!

Roast N’ Review plans to orchestrate the world’s VERY FIRST live digital album release party with country-raps very own, WHO TF IS JUSTIN TIME and BIG MURPH! Everyone is already excited for their album ‘REBELS ONLY’ to drop, yet, to stream their album release with the entire power of the Roast N’ Review staff would bring insane numbers to the table. More numbers equals better ratings, increased publicity, even higher album sales, real recognition, etc..

This new wave of promotion might just switch up the entire music-game and provide dedicated, well-deserved artists the shine that massive competition had been covering.

(Congratulations to the two upcoming artists, Justin Stowers and Tyler Murphy, for their #2 spot in the Hip-Hop album charts)!

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