Jelly Roll's Dropping 2 albums.. this week!

We had the honor of celebrating our 200th episode anniversary here at the Roast N Review show yesterday (April 10, 2019) with Jelly Roll, Struggle Jennings, Adam Calhoun, Who TF is Justin Time, Big Murph, Big Po, and Mr. and Mrs. King of Bling.

However, I want to tap into Jelly Roll's appearance real quick. First and foremost, Jason DeFord lives a heartfelt, family-oriented life. We were privileged to witness the fluidity in his family's relationship on yesterday’s show, especially when his daughter Bailee Ann came about to surprise us with her 12-bar verse.

Yes. FIRE. EMOJIS. ONLY. We weren’t expecting anything in particular, but we were shocked to hear her spit heat like that. Jelly's explanation behind the process would melt anyone’s heart. He explained to his daughter that she should write what she wants to write, saying “Baby, write want you want to rap about… write three verses and we’ll pick the best ones,” and so began the legend, Bailee Ann.

But why would Lil Jelly need to write a 12-bar verse? Good question! Well first, here’s a short backstory. Jelly Roll’s label took full control of his soon-to-be-released album and left him in the dark. It wasn’t until two weeks ago that his label shined a light on the album release date, and Jelly Roll said: “So I thought… How can I fight back the system? How can I give a good f**k you to the system?” Well, beyond belief, he is releasing two albums back to back, THIS WEEK! According to Jelly Roll’s interview on Roast N Review, he plans on slappin’ us with a left-right combo by releasing 'Whiskey Sessions 2' tomorrow, and ‘Crosses and Crossroads’ on April 15, 2019!


But one thing more meaningful than two albums in one week is putting in over a decade of blood, sweat, and tears on one very special song. Jelly Roll is featuring his own 10-year-old daughter, Bailee, on his album ‘Crosses and Crossroads.’ Some dads take their daughters to playgrounds and the beach, other dads like Jelly do that, and take their daughter to the studio.

To the other fathers out there, take notes. Now onto the other side of the word ‘daddy,’ we were also lucky enough to witness the relationship between Jelly Roll and his wife, Bunnie. No, seriously, they were making out and everything.

Anyway, the support that they have for each other is tremendous. Bunnie is a model, YouTuber, and Blogger, and she needs to constantly hit the gym and grind her butt off (plenty of that to spare) to maintain her success, so Jelly took matters into his own hands and built Bunnie her very own gym.

You have to be one heck of a wife to convince your husband to spend thousands of dollars on a home gym, I'll say that much.

Ultimately, Jelly Roll is living the dream, and with the constant support of his friends and family, we anticipate to see even more progression in his already successful career. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank Jelly Roll, his beautiful family, and everyone that made the Roast N Review 200th anniversary the most epic one yet. Y'all are the best.

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