Jaden Smith makes a big change in Flint, MI

As an adult, I have realized that genuine love is projected in minor and major forms. Whether you are giving someone a harmless gift or saving a life, love is a key concept for the progression of our world and it is the structure of our morals and beliefs.

Jaden Smith, you are creating HISTORY with this major act of love. FOR REAL!

This brilliant and considerate 20-year old artist shifted his own foundation in hopes of bring filtered water and water filters to the families in Flint, Michigan. We’re not crying, y’all are. It’s one thing if a group of celebrities were to donate a couple hundred-thousand dollars to the mix, but for Jaden Smith and his team to take responsibility on this crisis is beyond us.

Residents in Flint are tragically waiting in mile-long lines for clean water, but with Smith’s foundation teaming up with the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church and several other organizations, those lines are bound to shrink.


Anyway, they’ve been rolling out mobile filtration systems called “The Water Box” that are built to filter out deadly poisons and contaminants in dirty water.

I actually feel like the entire Smith family actively show us a better way to better the world, and it all starts with love.

A big shout out to the Smith family for their constant love and support for the world, and an even bigger shout out to the young prodigy Jaden Smith and the organizations participating in this revolutionary act.

Jaden Smith's father. (Will Smith)

We hope to see an end to this crisis within the next few months.

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