ILOVEMAKOnnen is Back in the Spotlight with Gucci Mane and "Spendin'"

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

I’m just going to come out and say this:

I can not recall any other artist that

>turned a weekday<

into the most TURNT night for a club!

ILoveMakonnen (real name Makonnen Sheran) first BLESSED US when his collaboration with Hip-Hop artist, Drake, first premiered on YouTube in late 2014.

Almost 5-years later, Makonnen’s hit single “Tuesday” is still the socially designated song for the entire day of Tuesday. No questions, no ifs ands or buts. Non-negotiable. Anyway,

I have much respect for ILoveMakonnen because of the heart in him. As y’all know, Makonnen came out as a gay man, which honestly isn’t that big of a deal as it’s pretty normal in our current years. But he came out for the sake of others, not himself.

It probably wasn’t a big deal for him to come out, but to supoort and embolden others so that they may finally find the courage to come out is a form of love only few people in the world share. In my opinion, I believe Makonnen implements love and sheer joy in everything he does, including his nails and music; my guy just likes to have fun, uplift the energy of others and turn the f*ck up!

Which I’m all for, hands down!

If y’all don’t believe me, then listen to it yourself.

His YouTube Channel is FILLED with trippy vibes and trap music. It’s like walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory if it was based out in the hood of Atlanta. Sh*t’s lit!

One of my favorite Makonnen songs comes from a deep love for acoustic vibes and upbeat sad-boy music, “I’ve Been Waiting.” There’s a lot of history and pure love infused in this song. For one, Makonnen and Peep were real tight before he passed, and not to bring melancholy into this blog post, but I’m sure his death drastically impacted Makonnen as much as millions of Peep’s fans.

Lil Peep (Gustav Elijah Åhr) and Fall Out Boy were both featured on the song. Mind y’all, Fall Out Boy is Lil Peep’s FAVORITE band, so I’m sure it meant a lot to add them onboard.

I mean the list of “good things Makonnen be doin’” can go on for miles long, but let’s just stick with his bars and flow for now.

Y’all check out my man’s new single “Spendin’ ft. Gucci Mane (OUT ON YOUTUBE)!!!

I'm calling it now, "Spendin'" going to be the hit song for #Spring2019 !

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