Drake Allegedly 'Fooled Around' With Carnage's Girl, Then Makes Her His Profile Picture

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Drake is going through it with another artist, again. So the Papi of Champagne recently posted a picture of his body’s progression, including a beard so thick you could call it “Thotiana” and his rightfully earned abs, or so we thought...

Yesterday, Carnage decided to clown Drake under his photo by saying: “You got fake ab surgery in Colombia you ain’t foolin anybody” to which Drake replied with: “Carnage is this cause you are angry about the one thing that happened with that one person the other day that you thought was your wifey.” Too far? Nah.

Thread (Picture 1)

This is not the first accusation made against Drizzy in regards to plastic surgery, and probably won’t be the last. Back in 2016, Joe Budden made a claim that Drake allegedly received body modifications from “Dr. Miami” Salzhauer. It would be much more believable if Drake didn't always post hardcore workouts. Let’s get back on the photo. The entire thread is hilarious, as Roxx, Sonny Digital, Chromazz, Somaya Reece, and some others were feeding fuel to the fire.

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Drizzy is known for being the ‘cool dude,’ so at the end of the day most ties were tightened. As of the following details for the Carnage and Drake beef, it gets deep.

Just recently, Drake changed his profile picture to what we assume would be the "wifey" he was speaking on earlier.

We don't know what to expect from here, but, just know it will flood the streets of IG with petty-ness and drama. 🔥

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