Did hosier really just admit to stealing music?!

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

If there ain’t enough beef on your grill this evening, don't worry about it partner, ‘cuz we got some comin’ yer way! *YEE HAW* So let’s take it back a bit to when Hosier and Justin Time were actually cool.

“Wait, what? They were cool at one point?” Yeah, we thought the same thing. Anyways, Hosier and Who TF Is Justin Time had collaborated to craft one crispy song called ‘Mud Step'.” Now while everything was going well, Hosier had decided to give Justin the good ol’ boot and keep the song for himself. Now, it’s easy to say we’re hating on the guy, but he himself admitted to it during his interview on Roast N Review, a music review show that broadcasts on ShaqFu Radio.

As far as we know, it was originally Hosier’s idea to make ‘Mud Step’ with Justin, but how about an analogy for those whom need one. Okay. So you have plans to make dinner with your partner and she/he tells you to make the dessert while they make the dinner. You whip up some sweet, scrumptious, finger-linking good banana pudding and she/he sticks to some original spaghetti and meatballs.

Then your partner is like “ayyyeeee lmao I’m gonna be the one eating this dinner and dessert, not you. Sorry pal. You don’t like it? Oh well.” I mean... That would get anybody heated, right? Now take that anger, multiply it by the square-root of a million and that equates to how angry Justin was, and still is. Let’s also add some spice to this beef (since y’all white folk have trouble doing that sometimes). Hosier also stated, and we quote, “I promise you on my dead parents, on my children, I whipped his ass on the Fort Lane parking lot.” Pretty descriptive, but we’re still unsure of the credibility of that since Justin stated that it never happened. So FOR NOW, it’s just hearsay. Which kinda sucks because that would’ve made for a intense video.

Justin later started a Facebook Live video with numerous comebacks and testimonies stating that Hosier is full of it.

Nonetheless, Hosier and Who TF Is Justin Time have a long, aggressive past…


It honestly makes the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj drama look like two children fighting over the blue go-gurt stick. So the question now is, will we see more of this t-bone steak type beef, or will they squash it down? Who knows, maybe they’ll drop the beef, pick up the beat and make a song together.

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