DaBaby on the rise to the top

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

DaBaby has been on top of DaCharts lately, and we are so excited. North Carolina hasn’t seen one of their own rise to the top since J. Cole, and we all know how J. Cole fans are. DaBaby (real name Jonathan Kirk) is a newly made kick-ass artist from Charlotte, North Carolina, who signed with the label, Interscope, in early 2019. His recent album ‘Baby on Baby’ climbed its way to the 25th spot on top 200 Billboard, and don’t get me started on the hype-ness in his performances.

A quick overview as to how big his balloon blew this year: Around early October, DaBaby had around 200,000 followers racked up on Instagram, if that. If you search his Instagram up today, you would see that his follower count grew over 800% in the last few months, and now has 1.6 million followers.

Honestly, follower count doesn’t even matter, so onto the greasy grease. DaBaby’s big break began when he was facing murder charges in regards to the murder of 19-year-old Jalyn Craig. DaBaby had shot Craig in the abdomen in an act of self defense, and the Walmart security footage is there to back that up.

After beating the charges, DaBaby soared to the top of the industry like a finale firework session. As of today (April 25, 2019), DaBaby’s hit song ‘Suge’ sits comfortably at the 51st spot on Top Billboard 100. His Baby on Baby tour is selling out like water during hurricane season, except you can’t hog all the tickets to yourself like 50 Cent did to Ja Rule. Nonetheless, DaBaby is an inspiration to many; his music is close to flawless and the confidence he has in his work irradiates a bright light of inspiration to aspiring artists in North Carolina and all across the U.S..

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