Ryan Upchurch VS Adam Calhoun?

Ever since Roast N' Review had released a Ryan Upchurch blog claiming that “Upchurch made country-rap relevant," outrage grew exponentially throughout the country-rap community. 

It had reached the extent of us receiving emails (that were borderline essays), messages, posts, tags, etc. that were telling us off and how we were ignorant for making such claims. Ouch!

Many people are suggesting that Adam Calhoun, another country-rap artist and pioneer, had paved the way for country-rap, so let’s mud-slide right into that topic.

Shall we?

Adam Calhoun is by no means below nor above Ryan Upchurch as his fluidity in the country and country-rap community flows in sync with Upchurch’s.

Both men have a respectable career, stand firm on their platforms, release powerful music and have EQUAL country-like qualities. 

They make a solid ‘dynamic-duo.’

As for Adam Calhoun himself, he can rock the socks off of pretty much any country fan from his online persona.

The all-American American, pro-military, bacon expert, truck drivin', and lover of anything that has to do with back-roads has expressed himself through numerous hobbies.

For one, his YouTube channel. 

Adam has a problem with today's society and prefers to discuss those problems; don't try to change his mind, the dude stands firm on his opinions (stay solid). While some don't agree with him, many of his fans and supporters stand right by his muscular side and flex on them haters. 

He also dives deep into life and important topics that we desperately need to discuss, which I personally watch. (Just going to say this in case you read it, keep going Adam, you rock)!

Anyhow. Adam Calhoun has a few tricks up his sleeve as he surprisingly makes music too. Who knew such a buff and tough dude likes to sing and rap?

From his album with (we shall not say his name) in 2017 called 'Made in America' to his newer releases 'AmerAcal, The Throne, and Crazy White Boy,' Adam manifests the strength in his bulky arms into song, and expresses himself in a way only a country-boy could.

This is where Adam Calhoun and few other artists are special. Behind the scenes of every song, every video or post, and every album release is a character, and one thing that Adam Calhoun holds and never changes is his character. 

So in rebuttal, yes, Adam Calhoun also paved the way for country-rap, yet, in a different manner. To put it into analogy, Adam Calhoun and Ryan Upchurch are the left and right legs to the body of country and everything country stands for.

They both equally put things into motion, and for that, we applaud them!

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